Tune up Your Windows 7 Now

Windows 7 is indeed the most powerful and interactive operating system so far and therefore is the most preferred and used version across the world. But like any other operating system Windows 7 needs to be tuned up every now and then to keep it running smooth, fast and error free. To tune up windows 7 you need not spend money to buy any tools or applications but with little and basic knowledge how to go about it, you can get it done or do yourself for free of cost. There are many freeware windows 7 tune up tools and applications on the internet that you can download for free.
The very first windows 7 tune up tool is in-built in the operating system and is popularly known as the windows update. This tool is available within the operating system and can be located in the programs menu under the windows start up. Once you turn on the automatic updates option, your operating system will download all the necessary tools and applications released by Microsoft Inc as and when required. These updates have all the patches and fixes that help your windows 7 function well as long as you use it.
One of the reasons why you should tune up windows 7 is you are sure to come across various errors. Such errors come from various tasks such as installing new applications, using different websites, playing games, watching movies, etc and the list goes on. So when you download latest updates for your operating system, it ensure all those errors are fixed so you can use them again without any further problems. You can find other external software applications for scanning and fixing errors on your windows 7 computer that you can download for free from various freeware sites.
While using internet you come across various websites, links and applications and not everything that is available on the web is safe. They often come with viruses, malwares, trojans etc that are harmful for you and your computer in some or the other way. So you need an anti-virus and malware application that detects and removes such bugs from your computer. This process of removing bugs and unsafe files from your computer is another tune up activity that you need to regularly perform. You can setup automatic scheduled scan for these applications too. Another tune up activity you can perform on your windows 7 is removing unwanted and unused programs, software and applications. It creates more space on your computer and helps in making it faster.

If you are a lazy man, you can try PC Matic for automatic tuning up and read PC Matic Review to get step-by-step help.
To tune up windows 7 you need not necessarily search for external tools on the internet. If you have genuine version of windows 7 installed on your computer then the automatic updates takes care of all your tune up needs. What you need to perform is regular disk cleanup, defragmentation of hard drive, removal of temporary files, cleaning history and cookies on your web browser and most importantly using safe and reputed software and applications. If you are not sure how to perform all these tasks then you can simply buy a windows 7 tune up application available in the market.